Student Information System Help

What is my Username ?

Your username is your DAH ID number  (Ex: XXXXXXX)

How can I Change my password?

Once you login to the system with your initial password, the system has an option to change your password from Setup menue-->Change Password

I'm a student, How I can get my Password?

If you Need your password, go to SIS website, click on need your password

User ID: is your DAH id number (ex: XXXXXXX )
Ref.Number: is your National id number

Then you will receive the credentials an email to your Dar Al-Hekma email, if you did not receive it please refer to IT Dept.

Tips you should know before using the system:

·         The system is set to automatically time out after 20 minutes of inactivity (if you don't do anything in the system). To check availability with Logos

·         When you are done using the system, please use the logout link in the upper left hand corner of the screen to end your session properly.


I registered a course, but it is not appeared in my schedule?

Please refer to Registration office AND/OR Accounting office.

Can anyone else get to my information?

This system is secured, you must use your Student ID number and your personal Password to access your information. If you forget your Password, registration staff will only give it out to you when you produce a valid picture ID. So your records are kept confidential.

How do I print?

Some screens are configured to be printed from your browser like student schedule and grade report. For printing other pages of interest, you can use the Print screen key.


What do I do if I have a problem connecting?

It is possible that you will try to access the system and receive an error message. If all available connections are in use, you will get an error message. Wait a little while and try again. Difficulties in connecting will most likely occur just before classes begin and the first few days after grades are posted for a previous session.


Computer Troubleshooting



You are unable to connect to the login screen where you enter your Student ID number and Password.

There are a few possible causes of this:

  • Your browser version is not compatible with our system.
  • Check your password
  • The system is down
     Wait five minutes and try again. If the problem persists and you are certain that you are not experiencing trouble due to one of the reasons listed above, contact our help desk at or call ext. 208 or 202

You receive the message "Page cannot be displayed."


Use the Refresh/Reload button on your browsers toolbar. If that produces no results, use your browser's Back button to return to the previous screen, then select the option again.


I can’t register some of the courses, what should I do?


You may have some registration errors. The error message will appear in Red at the top left corner.


The following table lists some of these errors:


Error Message



Schedule overloaded, cannot register this course!

You are trying to register more than the Maximum Credit Hours


Minimum credit load violation!

You are trying to register less than the Minimum Credit Hours


Course XXXX 0000 violates the prerequisite rule: XXXX 0000

You are trying to register a course that has a Pre-requisite that you didn’t study


Time Conflict Exists between Course XXXX 0000 and Course YYYY 0000

You are trying to register in two or more classes on the same time


Not allowed to repeat course!

You are trying to register in a course that you passed previously with a C or higher grade. This operation is not allowed


Section XXXX 0000-1 is closed

You are trying to register in a course section that’s filled. Try to register in another section


Section restriction

You are trying to register in a course section that’s restricted to another major, try another section


Course XXXX 0000 or its equivalent is already taken/Exempted

You are trying to register in a course that you are already passed it, or you are passed its equivalent


The course was taken in Semester and the grade was D+

You are trying to register in a course that you studied before and scored D or D+. refer to the Registrar’s office to complete your registration


Course XXXX 0000 is not in POS

You are trying to register in a course that is not listed in your Plan of Study



For more information, refer to the Registrar’s Office.